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Members of Cascade are on the go trialing and competing throughout the year. Some members work solely to achieve titles, some to simply enjoy their dogs, while others choose to compete on the Regional, National, and International levels.


In additon to over 1,000 titles our members have received since Cascade's inception, below are some of our most prestigious accomplishments.



May 7

This year has started off with some great teams titling in Cascade's Spring trial! Angie Falcsik and her Malinois, Ziva earned a 92 in their FH1 track.  Angie also competed with her other Malinois, Bocelli and earned their BH!  Teresa Willow competed with her Boxer, Jetty and earned their IGP1 with High Protection and a very special Les Flores Helper's Choice award.  Dezi Greig and her Malinois, Hex and Nicole Nieto Cleary with her Dutch Shepherd, Yera, earned their BHs. 


October 23

Cascade's Fall trial was a lot of fun!  Brianna Moore and her German Shepherd, Brit, earned their BH.  Traci Cipponeri and her Dutch Shepherd, Kuma earned theiri IGP2, Teresa Willow and her Dutch Shepherd, Rista, earned their IGP1 and Kerri Carter and her Boxer, Jaunty, earned their IGP3.


June 13

 Casade had many members trialing and earning titles this year.  Anne Manning Good with her German Shepherd, Jazzi earned

their FH1.  Bill Good with his Dutch Shepherd Fuego., earned their IGP 1.  Bill Asplin with his Dutch Shepherd, Ozzie, earned their BH. 

Kerri Carter with her Boxer, Jaunty, earned another IGP 3. Martha Swiers with Brabo., rarned their IGP 2.  Les Flores with his Dutch Shepherd, Marquez's earned their 2nd FCI-IGP FH.


October 31

Cascade's Fall trial was a big success and many of it's members competed and titled! Tom, Kerri Carter, Hailee Matheny and Christna Solis all achieved their BHs!  Traci Cipponerri, Martha Swiers and Bill Good earned their IGP1 titles!  Woodrow Bright and Kerri Carter earned their IGP3 titles!  Anne Good earned her STPR2 and Les Flores earned his FCI-IGP-FH!


April 10-14
CSC started with a bang. L
es and Marquez competed at the FCI, IGP-FH World Championship in HOrni Briza, The Czech Republic. Extremely diffult conditions. Score 87 on the first track and on the second Marquez took the crosstrack.

May 4-5
Les and Marquez competed at the World Dutch Shepherd Federation earning 3rd Place and took the coveted Helper's Choice award.



2018 was a good year. We ended up having 3 trials and a seminar.
CSC fielded 3 teams to the World Dutch Shepherd federation Championship held in Roden, The Netherlands.
Stacy Merryll-Boring competed in the Agility category with Flame de las Flores
Pat Rautio competed in the IPO Championship with Massade de las Flores
Traci Cipponeri competed with Peregrine de las Flores
The team Captain was Les Flores

The seminar with Ivan Balabanov was SUPER! lots of excellent information was given and we are still applying it.

Les Flores with Marquez earned the qualifycation score to become a member of the IPO-FH team representing the USA in the Czech Republic



August 20.  AWMA Trial with FCI Judge Jacki Purdham
Congratulations to Traci Cipponeri with Perry and Patrick Rautio with Freki for earning their IPO 3, Salina Bailey with Milan and Woodorw Bright with Bekka for earning their IPO 1.  Milan High Protection, Bekka High Obedience and Tracking. Also big congratualtions to Nicole Pinner with Belgique, Kerry Carter with Jaunty and Stacy with Lamira for earning their BH.  GREAT trial!  Everyone passed and once again CSC Rocked!!!!


May 27-28, Congratulations to Kerry Carter and Jaunty for earning their AKC Championship

May 7-8,  WDSF World Dutch Shepherd Championship.  Pat Rautio and Freki took 3rd place IPO 2 in Germany.

April 16.  WDSAA Trial with Judge Jacki Purdham
Congratulations to Amy Kieser with Loki and Stephanie Hung Driscoll with Kahless, for attaining their IPO 1.  Amy and Loki High Protection.  Stephanie and Kahless High Tracking and High in Trial.  Congratulations to Patrick Rautio with Freki and Traci Cipponei with Perry for attaining their IPO 2 title.  Traci and Perry High Obedience.

March 5  Pat Driscoll became a DVG America certified helper.  Congratulations!


This year we hosted several trials, a seminar and a national championship. 
December DVG Trial
Patrick Driscoll with Luma de las Flores
Kerri Carter with Hotchocolate (Tollulah)
Traci Cipponeri with Peregrine de las Flores (Perry) IPO 1
Jo Bright with Ares de Alphaville Bohemia (JR) IPO 2
AWMA Trial
Patrick Rautio with Massad de las Flores (Freki) IPO 1 (repeat)
Shade Whitesel with Seeker v Schadt (Onez) IPO 2
TR 1
Anne Good with C-Jasmine v Thieshof (Jazzy)TR1

Thank you to Gabina Macunova and her son Patrik for coming to give us a nice seminar.  We ended up hosting the event at Friendly Grove Pet resort since the rain decided to storm in force.

At the WDSAA National Championship several CSC members earned their titles.  Patrick Rautio and Massad de las Flores (Freki) IPO 1
Shade Whitesel with Seeker v Schadt (Onez) IPO 1
Les Flores with Beryl uit den Liemers (Moya) IPO 2
Patty Davidson with Holland hachi v Le Dobry (Robbi) IPO 3
Alicia McLaughin with Eyrie v. Eberfeld (Raven)
Katrina Johnson with Kitsune de las Flores



Congratulations to Katrina Johnson and her DS female Kitsune de las Flores for obtaining their UKC Championship as well as their weight pull title and her herding instinct title.  Also to DinaMarie Sanchez and her DS male Lycan de las Flores for earning their UKC Championship as well as a weight pull title and a herding instinct title.

CSV held the last trial of the year.  Congratulations to Salina with Milan and Anne with Jazzy for earning their BH.  Also Congratulations to Shade and Onez for V rating on their TR 1 track.
This trial made it four IPO trials, plus one 3 day seminar with Yannick Kayser and one Natiomnal Championship (WDSAA).  It was a busy year for us and we plan to do it once again in 2016. :)

CDSC held the WDSAA National Championship with great success.  Les Flores With Beryl uit den Liemers earned her IPO 1 as well as 1st Place IPO 1, Top Dutch Shepherd and Helpers Choice.  Also Les entered his Malinois Zito de las Flores and took 2nd place.  CSC as club was as usual OUTSTANDING!

AJ and Mater earned their IPO 3 at the DVG Western Regional Competition.  What it's impressive is that unlike the other competitors, AJ and Mater did not get to practice tracking or had any time in the stadium.  Congratulations!  Les and Zito also entered, but Zito had to be pulled.  He was sick. :(  Les and Moya also entered for IPO 1, A young dog and not being able to track and be in the stadium took its toll on Moya.  Learned our lesson.

CSC held the foirt trial of the year. Jufge Jacki Purdham  judged the event. we ended having 9 entries. Congratulations to Ryan with Pancho and Jeff with Loki for earning their BH.  AJ with mater earned their IPO 2  85-87-82=254.and the cheers of the crowd after Mater took back half helper Craig Lewis down.  Les and Zito repeated the IPO 3 with the highest scores Zito has ever earned 97-92-96=285 and Les and Funky a last minute entry that earned the Stpr (article search).  Bob had to pull Mikado from the trial after he injured himself. Jessica and Gina tried hard to ear their TR2, but unfortunately they could not finish the track.  Shade and Reiki also did not complete the FH2 track.  Once again the members of Cascade did an awesome job.  Thank you!

Congratulations to Rose Sapoznick and Malinois Champion Rik for earning Best of Breed two days in a row.
Congratulations to A.J. Peper for being selected as one of the helpers for the AWDF Championship to be held in MO in April.


UScA Trial November 15-16
AJ and Mater IPO 1 (High Tracking), Craig and Riddick IPO 2 (High Protection and High in Trial), Shelby and Juno IPO 2, Shelby and Ira FH, Traci and Perry BH, Les and Vato BH, Les and Moya (Beryl) BH, Jessica and Gina TR 1. Congratulations Team CSC

AJ did an awesome job as the front half helper at the DVG Nationals. :)  Comments from the competitors and spectators were positive.  Some said his helper work was better than some international helpers. :)

AJ has been selected as the front half helper for the LV/DVG National Championship to be held in Little Rock, AR  October 24-26, 2015.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

September 27-28 Helper seminar was a great success.  CSC now has the following helpers DVG certified.  Woodrow Bright (3), Rayn Mansell (3), Craig Lewis (2) and AJ Peper (1).  Also John Gurski and Gina Lopez have their first seminar under their belt and are ready to get certified.  Congratulations to all the CSC members that came to support our helpers. 

2nd trial of the season is in the books.  Congratulations to Ryan and Odin for achieving their BH.  Parker and Vato almost had it.  Les entered Pele for Tracking and Protection 1.  At 9 1/2 years old Pele scored 98 and 91.  He is now officially retired.  Craig and "The Riddick" entered for obedeince and Protection 1, they scored 70 and 81.  Les also entered Funky for IPO 3 and they earned their qualifying score to participate at the DVG Nationals in Arkansas.  Our own helper AJ, is now a UScA National level helper as well as Level 1 (national/International) DVG Helper.  Congratulations!!!

Patty with Robbi and Les with Funky representing the USA and CSC, took 3rd place Team at the World Dutch Shepherd Championship in Hoogkerk, The Netherlands.

April 13  First trial of the season.  This was an AWMA sponsored trial and we had the honor of having DVG/FCI Judge Jennifer Reid.  Congratulations to Traci Cipponeri and haida for earning their IPO 1 also taking High Obedience and High in trial.  Congratulations to Jessica Wilcock and Dexter for earning their BH.




September 27-29.  Cascade did it again. In spite of the nasty weather, CSC held the WDSA National Championship and it was a success.  Congratulations to Les Flores and Funky for winning the IPO 3 Championship, High Dutch Shepherd, High Female, High Tracking, High Obedeince, Top Team and Helper's choice for IPO 3.  Les and Kiitos won the IPO 2 Championship, High Protection and Helpers choice for IPO 2 as well.  Congratulations to Jo and Dutch for taking the Team trophy with Les and Funky. Tracy with Haida, AJ with Mater and Shade with Reiki.  Thank you for supporting the event.

September 21-22.  Congratulations to Les and Kiitos for earning and winning the IPO 1 at the DVG National Championship in Eugene, OR.  Also the High HOT.

June 8-9. Congratulations to AJ for getting his DVG Helper certification with a V rated score of 97 1/2.

June 2.  CSC Trial.  Another succesful trial for CSC.
Big CONGRATULATIONS to our club members.  BH - Dani and Finn, JB and Henk, AJ and Mater. IPO 2 - Donna with Archer.  IPO 3 Patty with Hachi, also earnign the High Obedience and High Protection plaques.

April 28. Congratulations to JB and Ryan for getting their classification for USA and Big Congratulations to AJ for upgrading to Regional Helper status




December 2
Last trial of the year. Congratulations to Dani Keller and Penn. They earned their BH.

September 28-29
Congratulations to Shade and Reiki for placing 2nd at the 1st Dutch Shepherd Championship. They also took the Helper's choice and the Alternate Breed trophies.
Once again, CSC put on a fantastic championship. We had competitors from Holland, Germany and all over the USA. A great event that was liked by all.

July 21-22
Once again CSC put on a great trial. Congratulations to club members Annelisa Ochoa with Vixen de las Flores and Les Flores with Hollnad Kiitos v Le Dobry for earning the BH. Congratulations to Shannon Clark with Egan for earning hier IPO 1 and taking the High in Trial, High Tracking and High Protection Trophies. To Emily Carte with Barret for taking the High Obedience Trophy and Jenny Thorp for earning their first FH.

June 22
Big Congratulations to Shade and Reiki for placing 2nd at the DVG Western Regional Championship with an awesome score of 100-96-94

May 11-3
Big CONGRATULATIONS to Shade and Reiki for placing 7th at the AWDF National Championship. You guys ROCK!

May 5 - 6
Another succesful trial (5/5) for CSC. Congratualtions to the following members. Traci and Haida and JB and Eva for earning their BH. Jo and Dutch 95 FH, Les and Pele 90 TR1, and Les and Funky IPO 3 98-86-100.
Sunday we held a succesful New IPO rules semianr with Judge Sandi Purdy.

Congratulations to Shade and Reike for their succesful participation at the Working dog Championship held in Ohio.
We also had a succesful training with the UT folks that came to spend 10 days with CSC training every day. It was a blast.
Jack Stienstra from Holland is here training from April 14 to May 3




April 7-10 - AWDF Championship. 
Shade and Reiki participated and did an outstanding job.  SUPER!

April 23-24 -
CSV held the first of many trials.  It was a complete success with club members Denise Straling with Veda, Nathan Jones with Faust and Jo Bright with Dutch earning their new titles. 2 BH and a FH.  Also Shade and Reiki took all the gold.  High in trial, high Tracking, Obedience and Protection.  Way to go guys and congratulations.

July 16 -17 -
A succesful seminar/workshop with international competitor, John Soares. The seminar was full of very good information for the begginer to the hard core competitor.

July 23 - First WDSA Sponsored trial.
Jo and Dutch got the high protection plaque with an excellent score of 96. Donna with Ricki and Oriel and Moxie got their TR 1. Ray and AWOL earned their elusive IPO 2. We had participants from UT, OR and MI come to this trial. Thank you Cheryl with Grizm, Alan with Amy and Dianna with Eris for supporting our club.

September -17 - 18
Big congratulations to Shade and Reiki for winning the USA - Northwest Regional Championship. Taking High in Trial, High Protection, High Obedience and High HOT. Way to go!
The same weekend CSC hosted the third trial of the year. Congratulations to the following participants. Oriel and Moxie TR 2 (92), Les and Pele FH2 (74), Mike Casey and Eppi VPG 2 (94-89-96=279) High in trial and High Obedience, Morgan and Payge VPG 3 (84-81-88=253) and Les with Funky IPO 3 (96-85-97=278) High Tracking and High Protection. Congratulations to all the new titles.
A very BIG THANK YOU! to the club members tht participated and helped make this trial a success and making CSC the best club in the Pacific Northwest.

October 22-23
NASS in Virginia. Nick and his dog Sam took V-9. Nick was congratulated on Sams' protection.

November 19-20
Several club members participated at the South Valley S.C. trial in Eugene, OR. Under FCI/dhv Judge Sandi Purdy. The following members earned the following
Shade with Reiki - FH, Angi and Mojo - TR2, Dana with JD - BH, Patty with Ruger - BH, Angi with Zanna VPG 1. Congratulations!!!!




March 27-28 - Shade and Reiki earned their Brevet (in Canada)

April 10-11 - CSV Hosted a very succesfull Helper seminar with Mark Scarberry. AJ and Craig did awesome

April 17 - CSC Hosted the Very First First Aid Seminar for Sport Dogs

May 8-9 - CSV Hosted a SchH trial with Judge Anne Marie Chaffin. Succesful day for Club members earning their titles. Shade and Reiki SchH 3, Ray and AWOL SchH 1, Patty and Bullit SchH 1 and Risa with Basil BH.

May 28-30 - AWDF Championshipm Indianapolis, IN. Shade and Reki took 5th place with a nice score of 97-88-97 282. Great job guys.

June 18 - Angi and Zanna BH at the Western Rescue club in Canada.

September 11 - CSV Succesfully hosted the 2010 PNW Regional Championship

October 9-10 CSC Hosted another Succesful trial with dhv Judge Hartmut Beckman

Nov. 7,-  USA Nationals.  Shade and Reiki scored 278.  Congratulations!

Nov 12 - Leas and Pele earned their FH title at the SVSC in Eugene, OR




April 18-19: 1st trial of the year with 24 entries

Succesful seminar with Uschi Fuchs

Angi and Mojito earned their BH at Western Rescue S.C. in Vancouver, Canada

Shade and Reiki took TOP honors as a VPG 2 at the DVG America National Championship held in Denver, CO.

September 12. Patty Davidson with Bullit earned her BH at Snohomish SC.

September 18, Les with Udin earned their BH at the Rocky Mtn. Regional Championship. Les also participated with Frits and Ariba for SchH 3.

Another succesful seminar with Uschi Fuchs

October 17 - 18, CSC successfully held an AWMA and USA trial.
Tina & Boa BH, Cindy & Eppi BH, Jo & Dutch IPO 3, Les and Frits SchH 3
Les & Frits - High Tracking, High Obedeince and High in trial. Les and Pele High Protection.




We started the year on a good foot.
Les and Shakira earned a SchH 1 in Vancouver, Canada

Shade and Changer took first place at an AKC show Obedience trial.

Les and Aaron participated at the 2008 AWDF championship in Alabama, where they received an standing ovation for their protection routine.

April 19-20 - 16 out of 16 dogs passed our Spring trial. Earning 15 new titles.

May 10- Joe Miklai took 1st place at an AKC show earning him his CDX

May 11- Shade Whitesel and Changer 1st place with standing ovation earned their CD.

June 13-15, 2008, Les and Aaron participated at the DVG National Championship in Orlando Florida. Once again Aaron was the talk of the Protection. (Average temps. 93 with 95% humidity)

June 21, 2008 - Shade and Reiki, earned their BH at the Snohomish S.C. with high praises from the SV Judge.

June 27-29, 2008 Another Successful seminar with The world Champion, Ivan Balabanov.

September 21, 2008 - Les and Aaron took 7th place at the 1st World Dutch Shepherd Championship held in Hoogkerk, Holland. They also took the TOP Foreign Dog Trophy. Once again Aaron was the talk of the Championship.

September 26,27 and 28, 2008 - CSC/CBSC Hosted the AWMA National Championship. IT WAS A SUCCESS.

Shade with Reiki took 1st place IPO 1 as well as the High Ob trophy IPO 1's and the Top Alternate Breed Trophy.

Jo and Dutch took 1st Place IPO 2 as well as High Ob,Trk and Pro. IPO 2's.

Mike Casey successfuly competed with Icon - IPO 3

November 29, 2008 - Tina Cole and Ccatty earned her BH at the Snohomish S.C. with great reviews from the judge.

December 28, 2008 - Deb Dorch and Tank earned their BH in Texas, again great reviews from the judge.




This year we did not compete in any major event, but attained over 35 titles, held two trials and a very successful seminar with World Champion, Ivan Balabanov. The young dogs in the club will be showing their stuff in 2008 and 2009.




Competed at the USA North American Championship - David & Gus

Competed at the USA North American Championship - Kevin & Kanto

Competed at the AWMA National Championship - David & Gus

VP 2 and VP 3 at the Pacific Northwest Regional Conformation Show

Placed 2nd at the USA Pacific Northwest Regional Championship - Kevin & Kanto

1st Place SchH 1 at the USA Northwest Regional Championship - Susan & Mr. Foxx also earned - High Obedience, High Protection and High SchH 1

2nd Place SchH 3 at the USA Northwest Regional Championship Dave & Gus

2nd Place AKC -CD first leg with 195 out of 200 - Shade & Beauty

AKC TD - Diane and Hellboy

2006 Police Canadian Compound Search Champion- Suzanne and Axel

1st place VPG 3 WKG Regional Competition - Kevin & Kanto

4th place VPG 3 WKG Regional Competition - Dara & Milan (also earned her VPG 3. Second dog for Dara)

1st place VPG 2 WKG Regional Competition - Oriel & Moxie

1st place VPG 1 WKG Regional Competition - Joanne & Eukhan

2nd place VPG 1 WKG Regional Competition - Suzanne & Axel

TOP TEAM - Kevin with Kanto and Oriel with Moxie

Kkl 1 a for life - Les with Milan at WRSC




3rd Place VPG 3 - Pacific Northwest Regional Champ. (USA) (Oregon) - Les & Diego

3rd Place FH - Pacific Northwest Regional Champ. (USA) (Oregon) - Les & Ziggo

AKC Show Championship (Doberman) - Jessica & Hector

AKC CDX 1st place with 197 out of 200 points - Shade & Ender

Competed VPG2 - WKG Regional Championship (Salt Lake City, UT) - Les & Aaron




CBSC Hosted the AWMA National Championship

3rd place IPO1 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA)

Competed IPO1 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA) - Sunny & Dralion

Competed IPO1 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA) - Susan & Jazzy

Competed IPO2 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA) - Scott & Atreju

3rd place IPO3 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA) - Molly & Forte

Competed IPO3 - AWMA National Champ. (Ranier, WA) - Les & Nico

Competed IPO3 - AWDF Champ. (NC) - Gene & Tak

Competed IPO3 - World Malinois Champ. (Fonsdorf, Austria) - Les & Nico

1st Place SchH3 - DVG America Nat. Champ. (Washington, DC) - Les & Nico

Competed SchH3 - DVG America Nat. Champ. (Washington, DC) - Scott & Atreju

Competed FH - USCA PNW Regional Champ. (Snohomish, WA) - Scott & Atreju

Competed SchH3 - DHV Meistershaft (Monchengladbach, Germany) - Les & Nico

2nd place SchH2 - Western Region Champ. (Fontana, CA) - John & Grasso

1st place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Fontana, CA) - Scott & Atreju



Competed SchH3 - DVG America National Champ. (Boston, MA) - Les & Nico

Competed SchH3 - USCA National Champ. (Reno, NV) - Molly & Forte

4th Place SchH3 - USCA H.O.T. Champ. (Tenino, WA) - Diane & Nico

3rd place SchH1 - Western Region Champ. (Denver, CO) Aaron &

2nd place SchH2 - Western Region Champ. (Denver, CO) - Melody & Alfred

Competed SchH2- Western Region Champ. (Denver, CO) - Dara & Terra

4th place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Denver, CO) - Les & Nico

5th place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Denver, CO) - Molly & Forte




3rd place SchH3 - DVG America National Champ. (Madison, WI) - Les & Ziggo

Competed SchH3 - DVG America Nat. Champ.(Madison, WI) - Les & Nico

6th place SchH3 - DVG America Nat. Champ.(Madison, WI) - Kelly & Bocca

2nd place SchH1 - Western Region Champ. (Spokane, WA) - Sunny & Billy

1st place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Spokane, WA) - Les & Nico

3rd place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Spokane, WA) - Dara & Nakaoa

Competed SchH3 - DVG 100 Year Anivers. Champ. (Rhene, Germany) - Les & Ziggo

2nd place - Schnauzerfest (???) - Gene & Tak




CSC Hosted the LV/DVG America Championship

1st Place SchH3 - DVG America National Champ. (Tenino, WA) - Les & Ziggo

4th Place SchH3 - DVG America National Champ. (Tenino, WA) - Kelly & Bocca

Competed SchH3 - DHV Meistershaft (Malburg, Germany) - Les & Ziggo (100 pts. Tracking)

Competed SchH3 - GSDCA-WDA National Champ. (Centralia, WA) - Les & Ziggo



1st Place SchH3- DVG America National Champ. (Orlando, FL) - Kelly & Shane

2nd place SchH3- DVG America National Champ. (Orlando, FL) - Les & Ziggo

Competed SchH3 - DVG America National Champ. (Orlando, FL) - Les & Nakaoa

1st place SchH1 - Western Region Champ. (Salt Lake City, UT) - Les & Terra

3rd place SchH3 - Western Region Champ. (Salt Lake City. UT) - Jan & Uran

Competed SchH3 - DHV Meistershaft (Manheim, Germany) - Les & Ziggo




Competed - USCA National Championship (Reno, NV) - Les & Ziggo

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