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Cascade Schutzhund Club is a private working dog training club so before coming out, you must schedule a visit in advance.  Click here to contact us and schedule a visit.

Before coming out, please read our Field Etiquette Rules below to help make your visit more successful!


Respect and safety are top priorities for us at Cascade!  To help maintain safety for the dogs, the handlers and help promote sucess for everyone, there are certain rules that must be followed.

  • Your dog must be under control at all times.  If you are unsure, you must keep a leash on your dog when training on the field.

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when not on the training field (this includes to and from your vehicle).

  • Do not allow your dog to go up to another dog at any time.

  • If your dog struggles when seeing other dogs while in his/her crate, please bring items to help block their view (extra shade cloths, change direction of vehicle while parked, etc)

  • Know your dog's abilities and limitations.  Set your dog up to succeed. 

  • BE RESPECFUL OF OTHER DOGS AND HANDLERS ON THE FIELD!  There are dogs at various levels of training at the club, some of which can ignore distractions, and some can not.  Keep your distance from other dogs training.

  • Do NOT throw motivational toys or food in the directon of another dog.

  • Only one dog is allowed on the field at a time during protection.  IF your dog can remain under control and quiet while a dog is on the field, you may have your dog out near your vehicle warming up/prepping.  Your dog must be on leash.

  • Offer and/or be ready to help!  Someone may need a spotter, may need a group or may need to walk their dog after coming off the field and need equipment brought back. 

  • Pick up after yourself and your dog!  We are a pack in/out club.  Take your dog poop bags with you when you leave.  Please do not allow your dog to relieve him/herself on or near the field or on any man made object.

  • No photos or videos without permission.  Also, no posting to social media without prior consent.

  • Ask questions! We are all here to support each other and help each other be successful!


What days do you train?

Our club training day is on Saturdays.  Occasionally we have special guests/events which may also be held on Sundays

is there a fee for visitors to train?

Yes.  The field fee is $20 and the protection training fee is $30

What should I bring with me to training?

Leashes (more than one is helpful) - generally a 6' and 10-12' work well; motivationl toys (tugs, ball on a rope, etc), food to reward with (high value soft, easy to swallow food works great); collars (flat, prong and/or e-collar); harness with deadring on the back; water and a bowl; ways to keep your dog cool (shade cloth, fans, etc); your smiling face and happy attitude

How do I become a member of Cascade?

Cascade welcomes new people that are committed to supporting the club and it's members.  After attending 3 consecutive times, the Board will talk with you about becoming a full member.  

Can I still come if my female dog is in heat?

Yes, but please let the Training Director know your dog is in heat.  This may limit where you train on the field.

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